Teaching is adjusted to your individual needs and objectives. You learn at your own pace. Your weak points are quickly detected and addressed. You feel less pressured by the progress of other students and classroom environment There is a focus on improving speaking and writing skills which are not the primary goals in a class. You can use some of your own materials and bring up up your own possible ideas in the lesson.
General English lessons will help you develop your English skills in the following areas: general conversation, Theme-related vocabulary and phrase building, reading comprehension, listening and speaking. I can use handouts that cover all of these areas or I can professionally guide you through English conversation using a set of questions where you answer and I listen carefully and correct your pronunciation errors in your answer. I will provide any lesson material before the lesson starts and I will provide feedback about your progress and performance after the lesson.
I will help you develop skills in the 4 key test areas: Speaking: Using past exam material to practice example speaking questions, I will assist you in creating answers based on the information you provide with the correct use of vocabulary, grammar and idioms. Listening: I will use differen audio sources to practice and develop your listening skills by highlighting the relevant information in the material that you listen to. Reading (general and academic).:Read aloud to me an article to practice your pronunciation skills and then I will examine each piece of vocabulary, Every expression used and the grammar constructions to ensure you fully understand the text and then I will talk you through practice the comprehension questions. ​Writing (general and academic): This may require some extra practice and homework….But you know what they say “pratice makes it percect”! I will give you an example writing question before the start of your lesson, you can write the essay or report in your own time and send it to me through my email before or during our lesson. During the lesson, I will go through your essay and Structural and spelling mistakes, give you a detailed feedback on how to improve and look at other writing questions and improve your answer between us.
I offer tutoring for the following exams:
  • Proficiency Test
  • Other Cambridge Tests
  • Life in the UK test
As the global economy recovers, English is being used more and more in the market place to bolster business relationships and build new ones. I can guide you through business vocabulary and prepare you for face-to-face meetings, job interviews, formal telephone conversations, writing emails and casual or formal business conversations with your co-workers. Unlike using traditional materials, I will prepare tailor-made worksheets regarding your specific need to meet your business requirements.
Because of my academic background, I am experienced and talented in both the use of grammar and the appropriate use of vocabularyI can proofread, correct and edit any academic documents that requires checking. You can send your document (by email) in any format (MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint or PDF) and I will use the ‘track changes‘ function to highlight my corrections or changes. Your document will then be sent back to you fully corrected and ready for use. I can usually check any document (up to 2,000 words) within 24hrs of it being received but please contact me for an estimate for longer documents.


I will help you develop skills in the 4 key test areas: